Student Conference

The Student Conference will comprise of oral and poster presentations. Full-time honours’ or fourth year Bachelors students of tertiary institutions in South Africa may participate in the Student Conference. Should you have any international students interested to present, please let us know. We would like to accommodate them at the student conference. Students will be allowed to give presentations under the following disciplines, namely: Biokinetics, Sport Science, Kinderkinetics, Sport Management and Recreation. The number of students who will be allowed to make presentations during the conference will depend on the interest of each university to attend the student conference as well as the quality of abstracts that are submitted. Institutions will be responsible for selecting quality presentations for the conference. However, the Student Conference Organising Committee holds the right for final selection of quality papers upon submission of abstracts and taking in account the space to present oral presentations.  This will also serve for poster presentations. Please note that students doing poster presentations should be available to defend their posters for evaluation purposes.

Students could prepare and deliver their presentations as individuals or in groups of at least two students or a maximum of four students. Students will be allowed to present the results of qualitative or quantitative studies or the results of a literature review including systematic reviews.

The following members from the various universities have agreed to be part of the student LTMIC scientific committee:

  • Prof Ben Coetzee (UNW)
  • Dr Lloyd Leach (UWC)
  • Dr Karen Welman (US)
  • Dr Khatija Bahdur (Nelson Mandela University)
  • Mr Mark Kramer (Nelson Mandela University)
  • Dr Maryna Baard (Nelson Mandela University)

The deadline for article submission for the student conference is 29th August 2018.

After undergoing a reviewing process, all authors will be informed about the acceptance of their submission by 10th September 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Dr ML Baard

Senior Lecturer and Biokineticist