Short CV/Biography:

Arnold Vlok is a Biokineticist who completed his Master Degree in ACL rehabilitation in 2013. Currently a PhD candidate with the focus of his dissertation on optimal loading of the ACL reconstructed knee.

He presents accredited CPD workshops and courses in Southern Africa to post graduate Doctors (Sport Physicians), Biokineticists, Physiotherapist, Chiropractors and Orthotists/Podiatrists. He has been a presenter at various congresses in South Africa (SASMA, BASA, SASP, SAOPA). Arnold strongly believes in the multi-disciplinary team approach where all role players in the clinical environment contribute to successful patient outcomes.  By applying this philosophy Arnold has visited establishments and congresses in Calgary, Oslo, Munich, Milan, Los Angeles and recently in Belfast UK to broaden working relations between different entities in the clinical field


He founded his orthopaedic rehabilitation practice in Bloemfontein in 2005 and is still broadening the rehabilitation scope through an established Biomechanical Laboratory that is unique in the orthopaedic rehabilitation and conditioning landscape. 

He is an academic consultant in orthopaedic rehabilitation in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at various Universities in South Africa.

Name of Workshop The right exercise selection for the right pathologies (An international approach)
Presenter Name Arnold Vlok
Length of workshop 2 hours
CPD accreditation for workshop 2 CPD’s

Workshop Summary for Website

Exercise rehabilitation (mechanotherapy) is the process by which the body converts mechanical loading into cellular responses. These cellular responses, in return, promote structural change which is highly dependable on the specificity of the initial exercise stimulus.


Mechanotherapy can only be successful when delivered through the correct stimulus contraction type which will either have the desired adaptational response or not. How can we as clinicians provide the specific concentric, isometric or eccentric exercise load to prepare patients/athletes for the predicted external loads through specific rehabilitation exercises.


Participants will explore and learn how to progress or regress practical exercise modalities to fit the adaption ability of certain tissue structures. In short: HOW CAN WE LOAD, TO WITHSTAND LOAD??


This workshop will empower clinicians in private practice to move beyond the point of “the next best exercise” to a more clinical researched landscape of the why, what and how of exercise selection.